Coach flats are excellent substitute for high heels. They make great option for spring and summer time as well. They are stylish and extremely more comfortable than stilettos. One example of a beautiful designer flat shoe that you can wear in place of painful high heels includes Coach Dotty.

Coach Dotty is a classical ballet shoe. If you would look it up in the Internet, you will find out that this shoe can be made of water and stain resistant signature “C” canvas upper or a patent leather upper with a glossy finish. It would be up to you which one to choose, but guaranteed that both are very comfortable and pretty on your feet.

This footwear also comes with a patent leather trim and a leather lining. It is made from a rubber sole embossed with the double “C” logo. Whether made from canvass or leather upper, Coach Dotty features one decorative design and that is a sassy bow with Coach engraved hardware on top. It also has accent studs on the heel part.

As a slide-on ballerina flats, this footwear is very stunning. It goes well with an elegant dress or even a pair of jeans. In fact, you can wear it on all kinds of occasions. You will look more feminine and fashionable than many other women on that event. Also, unlike several designer shoes sold in the market, Coach Flats are built to last long. You will get years of service from this stylish ballet footwear.

If you are bored of your sneakers or sandals, then wear your Coach Dotty flats as a replacement. This eye-catching footwear can make you look very elegant and casual at the same time. But, the most important aspect of this shoe is that it keeps you comfortable while preserving elegance and fashion.

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