If you are looking for excellent gift ideas for ladies, then you should check out these Coach Jayda slippers. Coach bedroom slippers are one of the most fabulous gifts you can give to your family, friends and loved-ones. These slippers are very soft and warm. They make happy place for one’s feet at home.

Coach Jayda is a perfect treat for those hardworking feet. Made from Coach Signature jacquard fabric and suede cushioned insole, this pair of slippers feels very comfortable at the top and bottom the feet. It looks extremely gorgeous as well with the patent leather bow accents and fur tassels at the ends.

These slippers come in three different colors, namely black, khaki and pink. Among the three, the pink-colored Jaydas capture the attention of most ladies and teens because of its charming appeal. However, this pink mule slipper is usually difficult to find in many local stores since they get immediately sold out once stocks are replenished. The only way to get hold of these cute slippers is through legit online stores.

These slippers are made from water and stain resistant fabric. It has skid-resistant outsole made from textured suede with embossed signature logo. It also features a Coach Poppy signature nameplate on the footbed. This plush pair of slippers makes terrific gifts for women of all ages. In fact, you can reward yourself with these slippers as well.

When the weather is cold, this pair of mule slippers will also keep your feet warm and snug inside. These slippers will help your feet and relax after a busy day from work. This is not just ordinary bedroom slippers, but an exceptional one made with Coach’s elegance and craftsmanship! So, what are you waiting for? Get one of these pretty Coach Jayda for you or your friends!