High-heels can make women look taller and more fashionable. But, wearing high-heels frequently can also cause certain foot and leg injuries. This is the reason why it is important to take a break from using them. But, do not fret. You will still look absolutely gorgeous with this comfortable pair of Coach Geralynn sandals.

Coach Geralynn is a gladiator thong sandal that features a gorgeous optic C design in the middle strap. It is made from a patent leather upper that feels very soft on the feet. It also comes with double ankle straps and adjustable buckle closures. Your feet will not hurt even when walking for several hours on this shoe since it has leather lining and a cushioned footbed.

This sandal comes with a half inch heel and a non-skid rubber outsole for better traction and durability. You can find these sandals in various colors such as white, black, gold and silver. Many women have already worn this footwear. They have attested that it looks really great on their feet. In fact, they said everything about this sandal is perfect!

Thus, if you are tired of wearing high-heels, opt for this wonderful pair of sandals. These sandals are also versatile. They can go with a dress or jeans. You can wear them for work or even shopping! This sandal will absolutely make a trendsetter. Grab this opportunity to get yourself a pair of Coach Geralynn sandals. The style of these sandals is very hard to find. Hence, do not wait until they are already sold out!

If you are concerned about your budget, then you have to know that you can get these sandals at almost half of its original price. In the Internet, there are several online stores that sell authentic yet very affordable Coach shoes and sandals. You can choose from wide variety of sandals in the Internet. In this case, the price range of a Coach Geralynn runs around $50 to $120 online!