Coach has been in the shoe and accessories business for as long as anybody can remember, bringing to life styles and designs that were once too classy or too old-fashioned for the average man or woman. It has modernized even its own classic looks with shoes that are meant for athletics or casual walks through the malls, which can be seen even in normal Coach Janelle ballet flats.

If you're into casual footwear but desire class and style, you would definitely go for Coach's line of ballet flats, the most popular and elegantly made being the Coach Janelle ballet flats. This pair is one of the most elegant and at the same time fashionable that the company has ever made for the casual yet conscious fashionistas as it is made out of signature Coach fabrics, khaki brown in color with blue and white, red and white, or brown and white linings near the rounded toe depending on the color of the shoes. It is made with brown rubber soles to prevent skidding, has the Coach C signature logos all around, and a bowtie in the rounded toe to add cuteness and style to the overall design.

The nice thing about the Coach Janelle ballet flats is that it has a lot of variety and colors for interested customers to choose from. The most popular colors are the navy blue, geranium, and brown colors, so your own pair would depend on which color fits your style and personality.