Coach sandals make a nice addition to your outfit this summer. They are definitely must-have designer footwear despite the price since they are built to last for several years. If you are going to buy your first sandals from Coach, then a good choice would be Coach Karen slide sandals.


You will look your best with these comfortable and cute Coach Karen sandals. They come in single and multi-colored choices with the popular C logo printed all over the foot bed. Compared to other types of sandals, this model is way comfortable and soft because it has cushioned foot bed and synthetic leather lining.

Coach Karen feels very light on the feet because it has unique cork heel and platform. You can walk with it for several hours and your feet and legs will not feel burdened. This footwear can also accommodate women with wide feet. The heels, which are about 3 inches high, have a wider base and perfect for women who find wearing stilettos extremely painful and unstable.

This sandal comes with a cute ribbon design at the toe area for a total fashion statement. The uppers are made from leather while the soles are made from rubber with non-skid traction for safety. This footwear is certainly as hot as the summer weather.

There are several places where you can buy these Coach sandals. First, you can get it at many Coach outlets near you. However, if you want to save a big amount of money, you should consider buying these sandals at an online store. In the Internet, you could find great deals for many Coach products. In fact, the price range for a pair of Coach Karen sandals is at 40 to 110 dollars, which is way lesser than the original price from local Coach outlets.