If you're a big fan of shoes, particularly those made from Coach then you'll definitely squeal in delight at the sight of Coach Marie flats, some of the newest releases under the Marie trend. These are better known Coach patchwork shoes since the design is a patchwork of all kinds of colors and patterns starting from the toes to the inner soles. The shoes are made out of Coach signature fabrics, has a brown bowtie on the rounded toe, and is embedded with rubber soles to prevent skidding in slippery surfaces. It comes in multi-colors and has a heel height of about 1/2 inch.


Coach has been in the market since the 1940s and has produced only the best and of the highest quality of products to be sold ever in the world market. The company is famous for its vast variety of shoes and accessories, targeting male, female, and unisex markets by designing and producing with fine craftsmanship, high quality materials, and of course designs and colors only customers would find in Coach. For those who especially enjoy being in tune with the Coach fashion trends today will definitely love Coach Marie flats, Joss and Juli sports sneakers, and much more.

Though this particular Coach Marie patchwork pair is very popular among the ladies, it isn't as varied in terms of color and design as the other Coach trends for shoes. You'll most likely find only the multi-colored patchwork design in stores like eBay, but despite that it still brims with elegance and beauty that every woman would desire.