Winter and snowfalls are made much easier to bear with Coach Peggey boots. These boots are designed to keep your feet warm and cosy on bad weather days. But, they also make excellent fashion statement anytime, anywhere!


Coach Peggey boots are made of quilted jacquard fabric in Signature C or multi-plaid. The fabric is thick and water-resistant, delaying the penetration of water inside the boots during rainy seasons. These fashionable boots are trimmed with black patent leather. The soles leave tiny prints of double C’s everywhere!

The thick fleece lining, about half an inch, make them excellent footwear on winter. Skiing and playing in the snow can be a lot more fun if you wear warm and comfortable Coach Peggey boots. Its lace-up style with nickel eyelets assures perfect fit. The multi-colored tartan fabric has metallic stripes that add sleek finish on the footwear.

Coach Peggey boots are high-quality, designer footwear. It is made up of fine materials with stylish designs, thus the price tag. As with other designer items, there are plenty of replicas sold in the market.

If you want to buy Choach Peggey boots and other Coach footwear, then you must learn how to spot fake from the real thing. Before shopping, look up the label or name of the shoe through the official Coach website and check the number that accompanies it. The shoes you are looking for is authentic if it is a valid design from Coach. Inspecting the shoes’ logo and the signature Coach pattern will also help you distinguish a fake from not. Coach uses top-quality fabrics and leathers. Thus, if you think the boots feel overly stiff or lightweight, then you are probably facing a Coach replica.

You may also choose to buy Coach Peggey boots online. Most online stores sell Coach at a lower price. You can get better deals through certified stores in the Internet. Now what are you waiting for? Get your own Coach Peggey boots and match it with denim jeans or dressy outfit for that spectacular look!