Coach high heel pumps are another popular choice of footwear for women this exciting spring and summer time. During these seasons, you will see several women wearing this type of sandals at work, school or even at the mall and park. Thus, if you want to stand out among the rest, make sure you will get a Coach Simona sandal.

There are several types of high heel pumps. The most common are the closed-toe pumps with a front cover and high heel at the back. This footwear is often used in the office during board meetings or conference. Meanwhile, there are also open-toed pumps that are more versatile and can be used with just about anything.

Coach Simona is an open-toed pump that features genuine leather straps in snakeskin and wax design. The snakeskin straps are elegantly braided together in the middle with golden tone accents that add color to the footwear. It has adjustable buckles attached to ankle straps to assure perfect fit. Meanwhile, the soft leather lining keeps the feet comfortable even when standing or walking for several hours.

This particular footwear is perfect for short women or those who want to add few more inches to their height. It has 4.5 inches wooden heel with 1 inch platform. It makes your legs look slimmer and sexier. For many professionals and businesswomen, Coach Simona pumps are truly a staple. They give a unique power that can attract many people in various business events.

Coach Simona can be matched with any dressy and casual outfit. You can wear it with dress or skirt or formal office uniform. But, your choices are not limited to that. You can incorporate this footwear to a wide range of clothes and styles. At the end, you will look more beautiful and pronounced with a pair of these sandals from Coach.