If you are concerned about comfort as well as style, you may want to check out the latest range of Coach Tatum boots. They come in a couple of different styles, both of which offer equal comfort and the design is great! They are fast becoming one of the more popular brands when it comes to shoes and boots.


Made from suede leather with a wool upper cuff, the Legacy and the Signature lines of these mid-calf boots differ mainly with respect to the styling and pattern on the upper cuff. The Signature line, with the unique double-C logo on the folded down cuff as well as the Coach logo on the ankle are available in either black or tan. Their Legacy Stripe Suede line features a brightly striped, woollen upper cuff and the regular Coach logo on the ankle. These Coach Tatum shoes are available in tan, brown, and Camel.

The boots themselves are lined with a soft fabric lining and they have a cushioned insole. They are flat and designed for every day wear with a rubber, skid resistant sole which makes them perfect to wear under almost all conditions.

Prices range quite a bit and although these shoes retail for up to $200 in regular shoe stores you can pick up a pair considerably cheaper, sometimes for as little as a little over $100, if you purchase them online.

If you are looking for a great, all round, everyday type boot that is both comfortable to wear and attractive, then you may find that these are just what you have been looking for. Designed to provide ultimate comfort and with safety in mind, the Coach Tatum line is a great deal at a reasonable price.