If you are looking for a strappy pair of sandals, then you should take a look at Coach Adrienn heels. This sandal is getting more popular these days because of its stylish design and comfortable fit. It is also made from a different kind of leather that makes it more unique and attractive.

Coach Adrienn features a soft and delicate Vachetta leather upper. This is a form of leather that is often used on the trimmings of handbags and luggage. This leather is left untreated that makes it so special and fragile. Exposure to sunlight can cause darkening of the leather, but many find the color change quite cool and beautiful.

These sandals consist of two adjustable ankle straps with buckles. It has interwoven straps at the front with two stud accents on each side of the footwear. It comes with a cork footbed with cushioning at the heel. The cushioning features a Coach tag embossed on the lining. Also, these sandals have stacked wooden heels and leather signature outsole. The heels, which are about 4” high, have rubber tip for better grip, protection and reduction of noise when walking.

You will look amazing with this comfortable pair of shoes. It comes in three different colors, namely: black, white and brown. You can match it with a sexy dress, mini-skirts, leggings and skinny jeans. Meanwhile, it is also important to learn how to take care of these sandals since they are made from a unique kind of leather. According to experts, items made from Vachetta leather should never get wet.

If your Coach Adrienn sandals get wet, you have to wipe it off immediately with clean and dry cloth. For liquid stains, you can wipe it off with damp cloth and properly air dry. When cleaning, make sure you do not apply any kind of chemicals on its straps to prevent damage on the natural leather.